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Antique Zinc

All of our Antique zinc is carefully prepared and sculptured by hand. We have a variety of techniques to give each and every one of our custom pieces its own individuality. At The Copper & Zinc Bar Co. we specialise in antique zinc bar tops, antique zinc counter tops, antique zinc kitchen Worktops, antique zinc splash-backs and commissioned antique zinc tables and furniture.


Zinc naturally oxidises with time and use to develop a warmer dark grey tone similar to that of pewter. This, however, can take between 10-15 years to develop with the transition period looking rather un-kept. However here at The Copper & Zinc Bar Co. through our knowledge, experience and expertise, we have developed our own secret technique to give zinc and ‘aged' antique appearance. We have a variety of methods and techniques to create different patinas, making sure we can create the perfect look for each individual client. This hands-on process means that you can be assured that no two pieces have the same pattern, making them truly one of a kind and bespoke. Please call our office today for a free sample pack.

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